Big Success: 1st ISMI Meeting in Constance

On 12th and 13th june 2015 the International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI) held its first annual meeting in Constance. Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz, president of ISMI, welcomed 170 international participants from Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Czech Republic, United States, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland and Holland. The number of participants confirmed the international claim of ISMI at its best.

In the center of the scientific program were both holistic biological aspects as well as practical experience in the daily use of ceramic implants and surgical and prosthetic concepts. The theme of the annual meeting was: ceramic implants – biological and technological basics, current standards and visions.


The congress began on friday morning with a first pre-congress symposium on practical arrangements for the use of SDS Swiss Dental Solutions implant systems. Afterwards the participants had the possibility to join the courses „Biological Dentistry“ by Dr. Dominik Nischwitz, „Implant Surgery from A–Z“ by Prof. Dr. Frank Palm or „Injections Techniques“ by Dr. Andreas Britz. An enxclusive special on top of friday’s program were two live-operations by the companies Straumann (Prof. Dr. Palm) and SDS Swiss Dental Solutions (Dr. Volz).

Another highlight of the first day was the evening event at the „Villa Barleben“. A great atmosphere, great food and drinks and a fantastic panorama of the Alps made the evening a memorable one for all.

The second conference day was dedicated to the scientific presentations. Dr. Volz gave an overview for ceramic implants. Prof. John Ionescu spoke about „Chronic heavy metal pollution in skin and environmental diseases“. The issue was deepened by Professor Dr. Vera Stejskal with her lecture „allergy and autoimmune diseases by metal pollution“. Prof. Nendonca-Caridat from Spain explained the principles of „Biological surgery“. The second presentation block was characterizes by issues of practical use of ceramic implants (Dr. Volz and Dr. Noumbissi). In the afternoon session topics such as „Elecromagnetical fields and dental metals“ by Dr. Pascal Eppe, „Biological use of hyaluronic acid“ by Professor Dr. Marcel Wainwright, and „Lateral augmentation“ by Dr. Ernst Fuchs-Schaller were on the agenda. The conclusion of this very varied and informative program made the presentations on „17 years experience with ceramic implants“ by Dr. Ralf Lüttmann, „Marketing“ by Dr. Oliver Zernial and „Ring technology and ceramic implants“ by Dr. Bernd Giesenhagen.
The first annual meeting of ISMI was thus both in terms of the scientific program as well as with regard to the many possibilities for exchange among colleagues a very successful congress.

The company was founded in January 2014 aiming to promote the metal free implantology as an innovative and very forward-looking direction within implantology. The founders of the company are renowned implantologists from Germany and abroad. The ISMI supports its members with training opportunities and regular technical and market information.

The next annual meeting of the International Society of Metal Free Implantology will be held on 10./11. June 2016 in Berlin.

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