“Ceramic Implants meets Aesthetics”: 7th Annual ISMI Congress successful in Munich

With a multifaceted and high-caliber program, the congress in sunny Munich was once again able to inspire numerous participants for the trendy topic of ceramic implants.

Under the guiding theme “Ceramic Implants meets Aesthetics”, the 7th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Metal Free Implantology e.V. (ISMI) took place in Munich on May 5 and 6, 2023. Under the scientific direction of Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz/Kreuzlingen (CH) and Dr. Dominik Nischwitz/Tübingen, the congress offered participants an enormously multi-layered, varied and top-class program on the topic of ceramic implants and also highlighted biological aspects of metal-free implantology. For the first time ever, the ISMI Annual Conference was held as a joint venture together with the German Society for Cosmetic Dentistry (DGKZ) and thus also offered ample opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange.

The first day of the congress was opened under the motto “Zirconia in General Dentistry and Implantology – Where do we stand and what are the prospects?” by ISMI President Dr. Volz, Vice President Dr. Nischwitz and DGKZ Board Member Dr. Martin Jörgens/Düsseldorf. After Dr. Alessandro Alan Porporati/Plochingen presented the basics, material and technology of zirconium vs. metal-ceramics in his lecture, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Kristian Kniha/Munich vividly explained the esthetic potential of ceramic implants. Subsequently, Dr. Dr. Johann Lechner/Munich spoke about osteo-immunology and implant success with ceramics in comparison with titanium.

After the lunch break, which was used extensively for a visit to the accompanying industrial exhibition and collegial discussions, the pre-congress symposium including a surgical tutorial continued directly. Dr. Volz explained in detail how the error rate in the use of ceramic implants can be reduced and gave an overview of what ceramics can do, where the limits lie and what good complication management looks like.

Afterwards, the participants had ample opportunity to discuss various special topics in implantology and esthetic dentistry with proven experts and to look beyond their own horizons at the popular Table Clinics. At the same time, a workshop on the collection and preparation of autologous blood concentrates with Prof. Dr. Dr. Shahram Ghanaati/Frankfurt am Main offered dental practice teams the opportunity to get up to speed on this increasingly important topic and to gain practical experience during the hands-on part.

The first day of the congress was brought to a successful conclusion with a get-together in the industrial exhibition, where all participants enjoyed a relaxed evening with wine, music and, of course, lively discussions.

Prof. Ghanaati opened the main congress on Saturday with his lecture on biologization in implantology and oral surgery and gave an overview of the current state of affairs. “1-piece versus 2-piece ceramic implants – Which to choose?” – this question was addressed by Prof. Dr. Curd Bollen/Roosteren (NL), who explained their differences and advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Alexander Sobiegalla/Hemsbach then showed how to design the digital workflow with both systems. The following lectures of the panel, which included Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf Smeets/Hamburg, Dr. Ralf Masur/Bad Wörishofen and Dr. Tobias Wilck/Hamburg, were also dedicated to various aspects of metal-free implantology and at the same time raised critical questions about the topic. In addition, ISMI Vice President Dr. Nischwitz also spoke about the fusion of high-tech dentistry with functional medicine and health optimization as “Biological Dentistry 2.0”. Basically, according to the tenor of Dr. Wilck’s closing lecture, ceramic implants are an important building block for health optimization in the event of tooth loss.

The 7th Annual Meeting of ISMI ended with a concluding discussion, sending the numerous enthusiastic participants off into the sunny Saturday afternoon. Once again, ISMI underlined its relevance in the world of implantology despite its comparatively young age.

Save the Date: The 8th Annual Meeting of ISMI will take place in Hamburg on May 4/5, 2024. Interested parties should already note the date in their calendars and can register for the program at event@oemus-media.de.


Foto credit: OEMUS MEDIA AG

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