Brand new: Ceramic Implants 1/2023 is out now!

Ceramic implants remain a popular alternative to titanium implants. They are also in line with the trend in implant dentistry, which remains strong, towards biocompatible, minimally invasive and compatible dentistry for patients. In its first issue, 2023 ceramic implants is specifically dedicated to two-piece implant systems.

Dr. Joseph Sarkissian and Minehli Kamarzar demonstrate the clinical success rate for two-piece zirconia implant systems, while Dr. Alexandre Marques Paes da Silva focuses on immediate restoration with zirconia implants and healing abutments in the upper molar region. Also, read an interview with Dr. Fabrice Baudot, Scientific Leader of the European Academy of Ceramic Implantology (EACim), on what will be offered at the 2023 EACim Congress in France. In addition, the new issue of ceramic implants offers product information as well as congress reports, thus testifying to an extraordinarily active community.

Read now as ePaper: ceramic implants 1/2023

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