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As we approach the end of 2022, we look forward to a new year with new challenges and goals. It is therefore appropriate to look at the state of ceramic implants and their future. The emergence of zirconia implant technologies represents a dynamic aspect for the modern practice of surgical and/or prosthetic dental implants. With their growing share of the global dental implant market, their numerous advantages over titanium can no longer be overlooked. For savvy clinicians who embrace this newer technology, the future looks incredibly bright!

With this in mind, the new issue of ceramic implants provides information on the latest, particularly exciting developments in ceramic implantology. With interdisciplinary research articles and a wealth of clinical case reports from implantologists around the world, the current magazine inspires with its user-oriented presentation of different therapeutic approaches and provides relevant food for thought for daily implantology practice.

In the article by Dr. Michael Rak, in collaboration with dental technicians Arbnor Saraci, Lukas Wichnalek and Norbert Wichnalek, a case is used to illustrate how a patient’s health was restored with the help of ceramic implants made of zirconia and metal-free dentures.

The close interaction between oral and chronic physical diseases also lies in the holistic and interdisciplinary treatment approach of Dr Thomas Franke from Berlin. In the interview, he explains why he follows a biological treatment approach in implant treatment that takes the entire organism into account.

In addition, the hot-off-the-press magazine contains numerous other research articles, case reports and product news as well as exciting news from the world of dentistry. Detailed event reports on the JCCI and ESCI annual congresses also testify to an extraordinarily active community.

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