ceramic implants 1/2022 – ePaper online now!

The demand for metal-free, biocompatible and aesthetic implants is constantly increasing – a demand that is perfectly met by the material zirconia. The fact that ceramics have long since ceased to be a mere trend and have developed into a real alternative to titanium due to its many advantages is underpinned by the lively research interest in this field.

With this in mind, the new issue of ceramic implants provides information on the latest, particularly exciting developments in ceramic implantology. With interdisciplinary research articles and a wealth of clinical case reports from implantologists around the world, the current magazine inspires with its user-oriented presentation of various therapeutic approaches and provides relevant food for thought for daily implantology practice.

Special focus is on reliable long-term data on the clinical success of two-piece ceramic implants by Zircon Medical Management, which has made a fundamental contribution to evidence-based implantology, heralding a paradigm shift in the scientifi­c discussion about ceramic implant systems. Many readers will be learning about this evidence for the fi­rst time in this issue of ceramic implants.

Read the interview with Prof. Michael Gahlert and Dr Stefan Röhling to find out about their experience of zirconia implants and what the future holds for ceramic implantology. In addition, you can read numerous research articles, case reports, reviews and news about upcoming events, which testify to an extraordinarily active community.

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