Interdisciplinary and practice-oriented – the new ceramic implants magzine has been released!

The demand for metal-free, biocompatible and aesthetic implants is surging – a demand that is perfectly met by the material zirconium dioxide. The fact that zirconia is more than a mere trend and that ceramic implants have established themselves as a viable alternative to titanium owing to their many advantages is emphasised by the lively research interest in this field.

In this light, the new issue of ceramic implants provides comprehensive information on the latest, particularly exciting developments in ceramic implantology. With multidisciplinary research articles and a myriad of clinical case reports from implantologists around the world, the new issue inspires with the practice-oriented presentation of different therapeutic approaches and provides impulses for the daily implantology practice. Special focus is on two start-ups – Nanoker and OriCera – which have created quite a stir within the community with their latest implant innovations. Read the interviews with Lidia M. Goyos Ball and Dr Jarosław on pages 50 and 52 Pospiech to find out what makes their systems so special. In addition, the editorial staff highly recommends a revealing research article by Dr Dirk U. Duddeck on page 16, in which the Berlin-based non-profit organisation CleanImplant Foundation “literally” takes a closer look at various zirconia systems and poses the question: Are these white implants really as clean as they seem to be?

Read the e-paper now: ceramic implants 1/2021

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