Promoting osseointegration of ceramic implants – Optimised diet and targeted intake of micronutrients

In issue 1-2021 of the magazine ceramic implants, Dr. Dominik Nischwitz is featured with a technical article on the topic of “Promoting osseointegration of ceramic implants – Optimised diet and targeted intake of micronutrients”:

In traditional oral surgery and implantology, the focus lies mainly on the healing of an implant and the local factors that are necessary to preserve or grow bone and soft tissue. However, the view is still rather confined to the oral cavity. Classically, four methods of bone augmentation are considered: osteoinduction (growth factors), osteoconduction (bone grafting material as space holder), distraction osteogenesis and guided tissue regeneration by means of membranes or the shell technique, among others. In biological dentistry, we utilise the experience and the knowledge from functional medicine and nutritional science and conduct targeted therapies with micronutrients in order to create optimum systemic conditions for a scheduled surgery and to promote subsequent bone and soft-tissue regeneration.

Local factors

There are different local factors of intelligent bone and soft-tissue regeneration to be considered. Among them are the decontamination of a surgical site (from breathing or saliva), the activation of local growth factors such as insulin-like growth factor-1, osteoblasts and plasma proteins by drilling and creating bleeding spots for refreshening bone and for stimulating osteoblastic activity, and the application of intelligent biomaterials such as platelet-rich fibrin membranes in order to improve the extracellular matrix and to optimise bone and soft-tissue conditions. In addition, the use of microinvasive techniques such as piezo-surgery, ozone therapy, technologies for guided implant surgery and improved imaging by CBCT has elevated our medical profession in terms of both dental skill and technical expertise.


The full article is featured in the magazine ceramic implants.

Teaser photo: Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

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