ISMI congress 2018 will take place in Hamburg

Founded in 2014, the International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI) held its 3rd annual meeting under the topic “Metal free implantology—Defining its position”. With more than 150 participants and speakers from eight countries and a broad programme, the society’s 3rd annual meeting, held on 5 and 6 May 2017 in Constance, Germany, was a total success. Participants were presented with a programme of seminars, various live surgeries as well as in-depth scientific lectures. On both congress days, international speakers and participants discussed their practical experiences and current trends regarding the use of ceramic implants. Following the recent IDS in March, the society’s 3rd annual meeting highlights once again, a particularly innovative area within the field of implantology.

The meeting started on Friday morning with pre-congress symposia and various live operations as well as seminars focusing among others on implant surgery and biological dentistry. The highlight of the first congress day was the ISMI White Night at Villa Barleben, where participants could end the day enjoying culinary specialities in a relaxed atmosphere. Saturday was entirely dedicated to scientific lectures. The range of topics being dealt with covered all areas of metal-free implantology, although the main focus was placed on practical experiences regarding the use of ceramic implants. In addition to such topics as implant design and questions concerning the materials’ characteristics, the lectures addressed in particular, the specific nature of bone and tissue regeneration as well as biological aspects. The discussions concluded that ceramic implants have become indispensable in modern implantology, and, based on aesthetic and biological considerations, they are the better alternative.

ISMI was founded with the aim of promoting and enhancing metal-free implantology’s innovative direction and pioneering approach within the field of implantology. In this context, ISMI supports its members by providing advanced training offers as well as regular specialist and market information. By reaching out to expert circles and patients alike, ISMI actively promotes the comprehensive establishment of metal-free treatment concepts. A partic­ular highlight of this year’s meeting was the simultaneous broadcasting of live surgeries to the audience in Constance as well as to the German dental news platform

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