Ceramic implants are the future of implantology

… according to the more than 150 participants from ten different countries and the international team of speakers who attended the second annual meeting of the International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI) from 10th to 11th of June in Berlin/Germany.

With the topic „Ceramic implants – practical experiences and current trends”, participants and speakers exchanged their opinions on the application of ceramic implants.

With its second annual conference, the expert association ISMI, which was founded in January of 2014 in Constance/Germany, had once again the aim to point the way towards a particularly innovative field of implantology. After a successful inaugural event last year in Constance, ISMI had invited participants to its second annual meeting in Berlin. Again, experts from Germany and abroad belonged to the high-quality team of speakers.


The two-day meeting started on Friday morning with a symposium by a dental company and was continued in the afternoon with different seminars. The highlight was the evening event “ISMI White Night” at the “Grand Club Berlin”, where participants could conclude the day in an easygoing atmosphere with Franco-German specialties.

Saturday was dedicated to scientific lectures. Topics ranged from the immediate implantation as an immunologic-toxic alternative to root canal filling (Dr Dr Johann Lechner/GER), on metals in the mouth and their systemic effects (Prof. Dr Matthias Heiliger/GER), the role of growth factors on osseointegration and the long-term stability of ceramic implants (Prof. Jose Mendonça – Caridad/ESP), practical aspects of the use of ceramic implants (Dr Sammy Noumbissi /USA) to aspects of tissue management in augmentative surgery (Dr Stefan König/GER).

One conclusion of the meeting was: Ceramic implants are the future. They are powerful and have by now proven themselves a thousand times in everyday practice. Congress President Dr Karl Ulrich Volz/GER underlined that they require special application protocols, different from those for titanium implants. For this purpose, ISMI will promptly provide documentation according to the resolution of the General Meeting of 11th of June 2016, which will then be made available online for all interested implantologists via www.ismi.me.

The International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI) was established with the aim of promoting metal free implant dentistry as an innovative and particularly future-oriented direction within implantology. In this context, ISMI supports its members by training and education opportunities as well as by regular expert and market information. In addition, ISMI is actively involved in public relations, i.e. in circles of experts as well as in patient communication, for a comprehensive establishment of metal free implant treatment concepts.

The 3rd annual meeting of ISMI 2017 will takes place on 5th and 6th of May, again, in Constance.

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